Atlantic 48 Catamaran by Chris White Designs

The new Atlantic 48 Catamaran incorporates many of the very desirable features of the Atlantic 55 into a smaller more affordable platform. With a more powerful sailplan than some of her sisters the A48 will offer performance to satisfy the most demanding sailor without sacrificing any of the interior features that make the Atlantic Catamarans so user friendly.

Ample diesel horsepower is provided by twin Yanmar 40 HP saildrives located in separate engine compartments aft. Not only does this isolate the engine noise and smell it insures the props are deeply immersed so that they will not ventilate while motoring in rough conditions.

The innovative central cockpit of the Atlantic catamarans allows full visibility while sailing and safe and easy access to all sailing controls. (Recently other catamaran builders have been imitating this fantastic feature but they still have lots to learn, don't be fooled by imitations.)

Call Chris White for current price and delivery information 508-636-4038.

Notes from Dale Norley skipper of "Resolute", Atlantic 48™ hull #1, on her delivery sail across the South Atlantic:

"We just put the third reef in the main, reefed jib. Blowing 28 knots. Sailed all day in 20-23 knots close hauled at 10-12 knots comfortably. The boat is sailing like a dream. Hit 15.6 today! It was only blowing 21kts. Waves are around 15 ft. We charged up the batteries for an hour today. We have to remind ourselves to do so because the sailing is so amazing.

My crew is officially converted! You just can't explain to anyone what it is like to sail one of YOUR boats.

Thanks again for the ride." – Dale

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