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South Dartmouth
MA, 02748

Phone: 508.636.6111
Cell: 508-287-6233

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Between travel to inspect boats under construction and the occasional recreational cruise aboard Javelin, I am often on the road (or water). E-mail is the most certain way to make contact if you don't get an answer by calling the office phone number.

I am happy to answer inquiries by e-mail, and it provides a fast way to send photos, drawings and other information. However, I still prefer to talk "live" when possible. This is particularly true in the early stage of inquiry when there are lots of questions to address. Speaking is much more efficient than typing.

Also, my book, THE CRUISING MULTIHULL contains answers to many questions regarding design issues, construction techniques, safety offshore, etc.

Because inquiries come from all over the world I have grown accustomed to taking calls early and late. So feel free to try calling at any hour, if it is too early or too late you can leave a message and I will try to return your call.

Normal working hours here are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST (which is -5 hours UTC). Tel: 508-636-6111 or try our cell 508-287-6233.

For email inquiries, use the form below. Please keep your message fairly short, long emails from this form will not reach me. My apologies for the lack of a posted email address. It's the only way to keep the spammers at bay...Thanks!


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