Power Cats

Power Cats by Chris White Designs

34 powercat

The power catamaran concept has been slow to catch on in the USA. But I expect that over time power cats will steadily increase its share of the power boat market. The current power cats being sold range from barge-like 5 knot trawlers to 100 knot racing machines. As usual, the developers are drawn first to the extremes and then as the market increases they will gravitate toward more practical designs somewhere in the middle.

Many of the things that make sailing cats work so well for cruising also apply to power cats. Huge resistance to rolling, accommodations spread over wider beam, ability to slice thru waves and shallow draft are all appreciated.

But the major advantage is how fuel efficient power cats can be. The typical “deep V” bottom monohull power boat consumes a huge amount of oil to go one mile. The miles-per-gallon calculation becomes a question of “how many gallons per mile?” Whether it will be the increasing cost of oil, taxes on carbon emissions, or just public outrage at such wastefulness; eventually it seems that this type of boat will be shunned in favor of more efficient vessels. The best choice to replace them, in my opinion, is a power cat with slender displacement hulls, such as the Buzzards Bay 34.

See Multihull Development Inc. for construction information and delivery schedules for the Buzzards Bay 34