Buzzards Bay 34

deck house

The Buzzards Bay 34 is expertly built by Multihull Development Inc of Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts.

The basic design premise of the Buzzards Bay 34 Catamaran was to develop a versatile power catamaran that can be used for comfortable cruising, offshore fishing or beach hopping. Central to this goal is to have a hull form that can power comfortably through wind driven chop at reasonably fast speeds.

Our experience and research suggested that the best hull form for comfort under way is a slender displacement hull with a fine entry and full after sections. This provides a “hot knife through butter” kind of motion when driving over waves at speeds of 20 knots and more. Hull slamming is eliminated under most conditions, and the ride is very soft and pleasing rather than the typical bone jarring pounding that most powerboaters endure.

Early test results of the first BB34 to hit the water support our design thesis. Speeds were impressive with a pair of 140HP Volvo diesels, reaching a top speed of 34 knots, measured by GPS. A very comfortable cruise of 25 knots yields excellent fuel economy and a range of 300 miles with standard tanks. However, the most impressive feature is the way the narrow hulls slice through the waves without feeling them.

The accommodation plan has a generous double berth cabin forward, starboard with a toilet and shower located in the port bow. There is good headroom in the queen size double berth and ample stowage in various lockers. A spacious deck house contains the all important helm station with full instrumentation and excellent visibility. The fully equipped galley with adjacent dining table enables eating and lounging in comfort while watching the world go by no matter what the weather. A large open cockpit provides plenty of secure room for fishing, lounging or partying - people don’t party on boats do they?

All in all the Buzzards Bay 34 Catamaran offers a combination of comfort, performance and fuel economy that's hard to beat.