From Dale Norley, delivery skipper of the Atlantic 48 "Resolute" sailing across the South Atlantic.


Saturday, May 14

POS 16 48 93 S     001 08 77 E
Heading 287
Wind 25 knots
SOG 10-12 knots
SEAS 12-15 ft sw swell

We hit 16.8 knots is a gust today. The conversation now is leaning towards the Starship Enterprise and Warp Speed etc. Sail changes are wet and hectic. Although it is warm out, we are conserving water until we have the watermaker under control. We don't even talk about hair at this stage. Mine is turning quickly to dreadlocks and taking on a whole life of its own, Valerie's is crunchy while still maintaining its stringy composure and Diana's is being held captive in a permanent hair tie, afraid to let loose.
Those showers at St. Helena's are sounding really good.
We should be arriving in St, Helena in the early hours of Monday, hopefully in the daylight. They don't have moorings available so with the exposed anchorage and the sw swell running, one of us will always stay on the boat to watch the anchor.


POS 16 42 70S     000 20 88 E
winds 20-25
SOG 10-12

Because of the variable wind speed and direction, we are sailing with the Genoa only. It seems to make things easier on the autopilot and we don't really sacrifice any speed. We have been hitting 16-18 knots during the gusts of 30kts.
Average speeds all day varied between 9-12 knots and the sails went from wing on wing to the genoa only whichever helped us stay true to the rhumb line.
We cross the Greenwich meridian today. Just when I as getting used to navigating on the East side of it, I have to readjust to W. 221 nm in the last 24 hours. To celebrate, we had dinner and a movie. With the radar screen in the background, we watched Timeline and had leftover night of garlic chicken, tuna fish and lo carb noodles with olive oil and regiano cheese. Every night we each get one piece of sugarless candy that my Mom bought for us before we left. Thanks Mom, we always think of you around dinner time.


Sunday, May 15

POS 16 17 11S     002 13 38 W
Heading 290
wind 16-20
SOG 8-10
Seas 8-12 SW

Still barreling along at an amazing rate of speed right on course. Sailing wing on wing very smoothly.


Had some local South African fish-King Clip and sauteed the last of the fresh veggies. Should arrive at St. Helena NE corner around 0200 and then around to Jamestown anchorage by sunrise. We are looking forward to showers ashore, will get some supplies and fresh produce etc. Hopefully, the anchorage will be calm enough for us all to go ashore together. If not, we'll take turns tending to the boat.


Monday May 16

Land Ho
Can see the lights on the island and the outline of the cliffs rising out of the water SOG 6 knots still with genoa only. Would like to arrive in Jamestown in the light of day. Everyone is sleeping and disinterested in my enthusiasm at this hour. I am enjoying the starlit welcome of the island.


Arrived Jamestown anchored at East end awaiting customs


Of course, today is a holiday so they have radioed us to come ashore to meet Brian, the harbormaster on duty in lieu of customs officers who are on holiday today. Everything is closed except for immigration which is in the police station. People here are incredibly friendly and nice. Not just because that is how I perceive the world-they actually ARE that friendly!
The island has beautiful tropical birds and flowers. Anywhere that is not solid rock, it's green. There are old guns and cannon in the sides of the cliffs and forts everywhere. There is a great deal of history here.