Chris White Designs Charter Cat 65This 65' cat was designed to be operated in charter in remote areas. The original client did not want to maintain any complex equipment and opted for large water tanks rather than desalinators, robust diesel engines, simple 12 volt electrical system with solar panels, and LOTS of interior ventilation and deck insulation to stay cool.

A raised "sailing cockpit" is built into the aft end of the deck house. From this position there is great visibility and easy access to all sheets and halyards. The entire aft cockpit is shaded by a large bimini, not shown in the sailplan, and the passageway from cockpit to cabin is through two extra wide openings to allow ample ventilation.

4.250The design is generally based on the 65' cat "Fishead" with the displacement increased to reflect the payload requirement. Calculated weight allowing for all equipment, people, second dinghy, 500 gallons of water, 200 gallons fuel, plus holding tanks is 46,570 lbs. The full load hull waterline was designed at 51,200 lbs. These hulls provide 2,620 pounds per inch immersion so the freeboard difference between full load and normal load is about 2 inches.

Chris White Designs Charter Cat 65This design is not in production, however it can be built on a custom basis.  Contact Chris White for information.