See Discovery 21.

The Discovery 20 trimaran is a fast, fun daysailer with the potential to be a camper/cruiser for the adventurous.
The D 20 design has been updated as an exciting and powerful new daysailer. It is available as a kit or a complete boat.

This design is intended for enjoyable day sailing, although there is space below deck for camping gear. There is a 7' by 7' cockpit that is roomy for 4. You sit upright, with a backrest, not sprawled on a trampoline. My 75 year old mother-in-law found the boat very comfortable. The D-20 is quite fast; the all up weight of the boat is 527 pounds. She utilizes a daggerboard, a rotating aluminum mast and streamlined crossbeams. Construction is wood/epoxy/glass composite.

I really never appreciated how fast the Discovey is until about 10 years after she was designed when I raced mine in a Wednesday night yacht club series against a new Newick 24' trimaran (longer, wider, taller rig, new laminate sails). The other boat was sailed by a very experienced sailor and I was expecting to get my butt kicked. During the first upwind leg (in about 8 knots breeze) the Discovery 20 blew everything away, including a fleet of Etchells. I was so impressed I hove to at the weather mark and waited for the other tri to catch up so that I could get a better comparison on the down wind leg (he had a spinnaker I didn't). As expected, I lost some ground here but not really that much, and I was able to get it all back on the next upwind leg.