The Explorer 44 is not currently in production, but can be built on a one off basis. Contact Chris White for more information.

Chris White Designs Explorer 44Fast, Comfortable, Economical
The Explorer 44 Trimaran was designed as a fast and comfortable cruising trimaran, and engineered to be economically built and maintained.
How to achieve a good cruising interior plan combined with excellent sailing performance and not break the bank?
A hull length to 44' provided an excellent interior plan that can accommodate up to six. Importantly, the boat also has ample stability for safe offshore sailing and a payload capacity for substantial cruising stores and gear. 
Chris White Designs Explorer 44Simplification throughout the design achieves significant construction cost reduction. The hull and decks are designed with an easy, flowing, streamlined shape. Not only is this light and strong, it is faster to construct. Another area particularly important to cost control in a trimaran design is the configuration of the crossbeams. The all important crossbeams are fabricated from modern composites to achieve very high strength and stiffness at low weight, while the shape of the crossbeams and their attachment to the hulls is easy and fast to build.
Many tris utilize retractable daggerboards and rudders. Moving appendages are expensive! Not only are they costly and time consuming to build, they require maintenance to keep going and are vulnerable to damage. Windward performance on the Explorer 44 is achieved with a fixed fin, a tried and true configuration that works beautifully on a well designed multihull with slender hulls and a powerful rig. A deep daggerboard will allow 2 or 3 degrees better pointing. But the price on a boat this size would be a main saloon obstructed by a huge daggerboard trunk, a much higher initial cost, and a more vulnerable prop and rudder.
Chris White Designs Explorer 44The accommodation plan provides a separate, private aft cabin which can be configured with either two single bunks or a very large double. The main cabin contains a functional galley with generous standing headroom, a large saloon with seating for 6, and a panoramic view through large eye level windows. The saloon seats also function as two single berths. There is a spacious head compartment, with shower. The private forward cabin contains a double bunk (or upper and lower singles), full standing headroom and ample stowage.
The 7/8ths sloop rig has a powerful fully battened mainsail and roller reefing jib. All sail handling and reefing can be accomplished easily from the cockpit. Like her other Chris White Design sisters, the sailing performance of the Explorer 44 is exceptional. Her wide beam and powerful floats will turn sailpower into forward motion. Chris White Designs Explorer 44Driven hard, speeds of 15 to 20 knots under working sail are common. Average cruising speeds of 10 to 12 knots over long distances are typical with a fair breeze. Light air performance and motorsailing in light winds are also excellent.
An inboard diesel engine (either 18 or 27 HP Yanmar) is located beneath the cockpit floor. The Explorer will motor at 9 knots with the larger engine at very low fuel consumption providing about 350 miles range on 25 gallons of fuel. A folding prop minimizes drag while sailing.