The Juniper design is no longer available.  Those interested in cruising trimarans should direct their attention to the Hammerhead 54, Hammerhead 34, and the Explorer 44.

The fundamental design requirement for the 52’ trimaran Juniper was to get ‘the most bang for the buck’. Juniper is long in order to provide comfort sailing in the ocean, wide for stability in extreme conditions, and simple in construction, accommodation and systems in order to keep costs low.
She’s an excellent performer, and has a very comfortable motion in waves. Some experienced sailors who have sailed passages in her claim Juniper to be the most comfortable boat they have ever been aboard. She was designed for long term cruising for a couple or small family. Fast enough to win races, Juniper won the original 110 mile New England Solo/Twin Race and placed well in other events.
Chris White and his wife Kate built Juniper from 1979 to 1981 and sailed her extensively over a period of 25 years. After 25 years her structural condition was as good as the day she was launched. In 2006 she was sold to Henk de Velde, a well-known Dutch sailor. Henk completed a mostly solo, high latitude circumnavigation in Juniper from 2007 – 2011. It was his 6th circumnavigation.
Juniper II was substantially similar, with some design changes.

Specifications for Juniper II

Length Overall 54' 6"
Beam 31' 6"
Draft 4' 6"
Sail Area Mainsail 570 sq ft
Sail Area Mizzen 460 sq ft
Sail Area Jib 235 sq ft
Masthead to Design Waterline 64'
Displacement 14,000 lbs
Power Inboard diesel